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New products for Oil & Gas

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CCUS ecosystem ©Endress+Hauser
CCUS - Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Technologies

Enhance safety and efficiency when measuring CO2 streams​

We have launched a series of new products for the Oil & Gas industry that help you to measure critical parameters in the carbon capture value chain accurately and reliably. Our mission is to help you meet your industry goals through:

  • Traceable quantitative measurements according to industry and metrology standards
  • Reliable quality measurements to verify the CO2 stream meets the transport and storage regulation requirements
  • With our expertise and decades of experience, we can guide and support customers on important project milestones during planning and execution phases

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On-site flow meter calibration @Endress+Hauser@Kaneka

CO2 flow metering solution

Accurately measuring the flow rate of CO2 in a dense or supercritical phase is a key application in long-distance pipeline transportation. From design to on-site installation, we have the know-how to execute these complex CO2 flow measurements while fulfilling regulatory quantity and quality parameters with a fit-for-purpose portfolio of flow, pressure, temperature, and gas analyzers.

  • Coriolis mass flow meters ensure highest accuracy and repeatability
  • Complete metering skid suitable for continuous operation at high pressure
  • Laser based analyzer (TDLAS) to ensure the quality of CO2 by measuring impurities
LNG regasification process overview ©Endress+Hauser
LNG regasification

Increase safety and increased reliability for your LNG regasification process

Natural gas and LNG are gaining momentum as low-carbon fuels - safe processing has never been more vital. Our range of new products and solutions maximize safety and efficiency in the regasification process while reducing maintenance efforts through:

  • Traceable quantitative measurement that enables custody-transfer-proof flow measurement with accurate, quality and composition measurement, resulting in reliable calorific value in real time
  • Innovative design: Smart integration of measurement and safety components to improve reliability and transparency
  • Solution capabilities: Endress+Hauser is an experienced partner for successful project execution and implementation according to international standards

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LNG bunkering solution for real-time calculations of LNG transfers ©Endress+Hauser

LNG bunkering solution

Our LNG bunkering solution provides real-time metering and composition analysis. This solution maintains safe and efficient bunkering operations on and offshore for various vessels. It provides:

  • Highest accuracy from Coriolis flowmeters with direct mass measurement; no complex tank gauging calculations needed
  • Composition monitoring in real-time with patented Raman technology
  • Overall operating costs are reduced due to low maintenance
  • Compliance with international standards

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Are you unsure which instrument to select for your specific application and measurement point? Our Applicator tool makes product selection for your industry easy. Try it out!

Data visualization ©Endress+Hauser

Deeper insights into process and instrumentation performance

Smart sensors collect real-time data from processes and monitor equipment and health, keeping you informed about product and asset performance. Digitizing production processes provides data visualization opportunities for personnel working with the process who typically do not have access to the data, creating data transparency. Endress+Hauser's Netilion can do just that, empowering end users to make the best decisions.

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