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Raman spectroscopic analyzers

Robust optical measurement of chemical composition

Raman probe in situ in a stainless steel bioreactor

Raman analyzers provide robust and precise measurement data needed to maintain a continuous pulse on the safety and efficiency of critical operations. Prized for their ability to perform chemical and composition analysis with unparalleled accuracy, our Raman analyzers deliver all the real-time, in situ measurements required for the laboratory, along with cost-effective scalability to the production environment. Explore our comprehensive portfolio below through the product finder tool.

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Measure your chemistry with Raman instruments

Our product finder helps you to find the Raman measuring devices that best meet your specific needs.

How to select a Raman analyzer

Used throughout the life science, food & beverage, chemical and oil & gas industries, our Raman analyzers and probes are optimized for solids, liquids, gases, and turbid media to ensure high performance in the laboratory or in process environments. They can be configured to the Raman sampling point for your application or plant setting, thereby providing reliable chemical analysis in any installation environment.

Raman Rxn product portfolio

Raman Rxn analyzers

  • Configurable to measure up to four channels
  • 532 nm, 785 nm, or 1000 nm wavelengths
  • User-friendly embedded software with Intuitive touchscreen or web interface
  • Easy method transferability from R&D/lab to the manufacturing environment
  • Certifications: CSA, ATEX, & IECEx

Raman Rxn probes and optics

  • Flexible measurement capability - inline, on-line, or at-line
  • High quality, corrosion resistant contact materials
  • No-touch and remote measurements
  • Non-invasive non-destructive sampling

Raman technology explained

Raman technology utilizes specific wavelengths of laser light which interacts with molecules to cause scattering. A small amount of laser light will shift due to energy transfer (Raman shift). The back-scattered photons are collected and filtered by separation of Raman light. A CCD detector identifies a unique "fingerprint" of the chemical components and quantifies the amount of each, making it an excellent technique for accurate composition analysis.

Components of a Raman system

A Raman system is comprised of four elements: an analyzer, probes, software and data analysis.

The Raman analyzer is the "heart" of the system, containing a laser, the spectroscopic engine, and an embedded controller. The probes are the "eyes" or windows into the process. Software is the "brain" of the system, controlling data generation. The raw data is "translated" into meaningful information by the data analysis component. All four components work together to form a complete Raman system.


  • Embedded control software: Seamlessly measure inline, online, or at-line in real-time with 24/7 & 365 connectivity.
  • Lab and process scalability: Realize process insight and efficiency gains to ensure product quality when you bring chemical analysis from the laboratory to the production environment.
  • Sampling solutions for a multitude of applications: Gain long term measurement stability for chemical, polymer, oil & gas, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and in situ monitoring of bioprocesses (cell culture, fermentation & downstream applications).
  • Product sampling for all media: Enable chemical analysis of solids, liquids, and gases in any installation environment with our specialized fiber optic sampling probes.
  • Robust compliance and management systems: Ensure seamless transition to cGMP by working with the only process Raman company to be registered to ISO:9001:2015 and certified ISO14001:2015, and ANSI Z10-2012.