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Asset data management with our installed base analysis

Improve plant availability and cost-effective production with expert process and asset support

Keep your plant compliant and running at maximum capacity by optimizing assets, data and maintenance. Endress+Hauser’s Installed Base Analysis manages all instrument related data and processes. We deliver expert reports with recommendations, so you capitalize on a cost-effective, future-proof business processes. Employ an improved maintenance strategy and instrument standardization, increasing plant availability while minimizing risks and lowering costs. Reach your operation’s full capabilities.


  • Not all plant instrumentation is single-sourced – but your data collection, analysis and operation recommendations should be. Our Installed Base Analysis covers all instruments, and we coordinate with all parties. Cut costs and simplify processes.

  • Our expert evaluations, reports and recommendations make the most of details that facilitate accurate forecasting. Improve efficiency, asset effectiveness and increase plant availability.

  • The fully documented, traceable information you need to empower your decisions is fingertip-ready. Optimize maintenance and stay compliant. At process-critical positions, prioritize jobs and technology upgrades.

What we offer

  • Processes you expect: All instrument data are collected, saved, sorted and visualized in a clear manner, and complemented by applicable information, facilitating and delivering transparency.

  • Reliable analysis and reports: Our service consultants analyze all data to deliver recommendations to improve plant availability, reduced maintenance costs and instrument standardization.

  • Expert recommendations: So you can keep critical assets and operations on target, our recommendations enable preventative maintenance, help you plan for any breakdown situations and manage obsolescence at process-critical positions.

  • You are fully informed: The traceable documentation is ready for audits, internal or external. Reliable data and accurate reporting help you improve processes, including the inventory of spare parts, compliancy and risk management.

Employ more time and cost-effective business processes while staying compliant. Endress+Hauser’s Installed Base Analysis takes data to a level beyond collection and analysis: our experts ensure accurate asset data management with recommendations to improve your maintenance strategy. Our solutions help you future-proof your processes, including maintenance and obsolescence management while lowering risks. Assets stay on target. Plant availability is optimized.

Installed Base Analysis process ©Endress+Hauser