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Process map for combined cycle power plant ©Endress+Hauser
Combined Cycle Power Plant
Combined Cycle Power Plant

Increased safety and efficiency in your CCPP

  • Increase safety monitoring concentrations of disinfectants and TOC: Low concentrations or lack of disinfectant in the cooling water system may lead to the formation of harmful bacteria that increase risk to personnel and potential for downtime. Even the lowest concentrations of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in make-up water may lead to plant shutdowns.
  • Improve process availability with Dynamic Installed Base Analysis: Gain transparency about your assets, continuously manage the maintenance requirements for your measuring devices and streamline the ordering of MRO devices.
  • Increase efficiency monitoring cooling water and fuel flow reliably: Flow technologies often require inlet and outlet runs. Using Promass Q for measuring natural gas flow overcomes this issue at an excellent uncertainty of 0.25%. For cooling water, Promag W 0 x DN FB does the same even without pressure drop and comes with integrated monitoring of conductivity.

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Process of cooling water system ©Endress+Hauser
Cooling water system
Cooling water system

Run your cooling water loop safely and efficiently

Monitor the concentration of disinfectants and the cooling water flow continuously and accurately to increase safety and efficiency:

  • Immediately detect low concentrations or lack of disinfectants to avoid downtime.
  • Avoid the formation of biofilms leading to a reduced performance of cooling towers.
  • Reliably monitor your flow rates using space-saving, efficient and accurate electromagnetic flow meters.

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Collaboration of service experts ©Endress+Hauser

Dynamic Installed Base Analysis

Use expert recommendations with frequent insights to improve the lifecycle management of your measuring instruments and ensure compliance with safety requirements.

  • Increase your process availability through professional advisory guidance
  • Identify inefficiencies and prevent breakdowns with continuous evaluation of the installed base maintainability
  • Improve sustainability of your operations by adopting a suitable maintenance and migration strategy
  • Gain full transparency and increase accessibility of your installed base information
Easy access and visualization of instrumentation data ©Endress+Hauser

Deeper insights into process and instrumentation performance

Smart sensors collect real-time data from processes and monitor equipment and health, keeping you informed about product and asset performance. Digitizing production processes provides data visualization opportunities for personnel working with the process who typically do not have access to the data, creating data transparency. Endress+Hauser's Netilion can do just that, empowering end users to make the best decisions.

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